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Who we are

CEPA was created in 2012 within a group of academics and professionals (economists, political scientists, sociologists, lawyers, among other disciplines), who –most of all- are trained within the framework of the Master of Political Economy from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO​ Buenos Aires​) directed by the economist and historian Eduardo Basualdo since 2005. 

We were born with the aim of intervene in complex economic debates, preparing reports with a high level of technical rigor and language accessible to the general public, thus allowing a democratization of the understanding of the political-social disputes that emerge in relation to economic bids. We understand that the economy must be political, since economic policy decisions are always mediated by deep power disputes.This approach is the key to understanding the succession of the different accumulation patterns that have manifested themselves throughout Argentine history and that do not necessarily coincide with changes in government administrations. ​

Currently, we develop reports in different areas of knowledge. We carry out monitoring of labor variables (employment and wages, survey of layoffs, survey of social and labor conflicts); we carry out periodic price surveys​, on site and online, we elaborate an alternative measurement of poverty and indigence, we track variations in rates and other regulated prices; we work the economy with a gender perspective. We carry out observatories for industry - with a focus on SMEs - and for agricultural economies, we analyze monetary-financial variables through reports on external debt, capital flight and monetary policies of the Central Bank; We analyze the evolution of energy variables associated with the extraction of oil and gas (Argentine hydrocarbon sector) and prepare reports on the dynamics of the international economy and the impact on Argentine foreign trade.

Protocol for the intervention and eradication of gender-based violence

The preparation and approval of an internal protocol in our institution, the Center for Argentine Political Economy (CEPA), has three main objectives.Firstly, to prevent the appearance of situations of gender violence that could occur in the formal or informal sphere of operation of our institution. Second, it seeks to officiate an agreement or general and collective framework to intervene and define what decisions to make according to each case of gender violence that may arise. Third, in the process of elaboration, approval and implementation of the protocol, it is proposed to tend towards an awareness of discrimination of a different nature, and particularly associated with discrimination against women and LGTTBIQ groups (lesbians, gays, transvestites, trans, bisexual, intersex, queers), that cross our society and are framed in the patriarchal system of political and socio-cultural domination.

Our protocol is available at this link (in spanish).

Our reports

The CEPA Center publishes reports on political economy on a regular basis: monetary and financial analyzes, documents on the situation of the working class and retirees, poverty and inequality, prices and tariffs, industry, regional complexes and special dossiers.

Monetary and financial analysis

Deuda externa, bicicleta financiera, Presupuesto, fuga de capitales, cuentas nacionales.

Surveys of rates and prices

Public services, basket of goods, food, medicine, rentals.

Special dossiers CEPA Center

Special reports on projects and reforms with analysis of objectives and results.

Situation of the working class

Employment, joint ventures, dismissals, unemployment and repression of conflicts.